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About ilShin BioBase Europe

IlShin BioBase Europe has been pioneer and top leader in the field of ultra-low temperature freezing technology. With a high level of internal knowledge about ULT freezers and freeze-dryers in addition to high quality products, ilShin BioBase can meet the required standards for products needed in a wide range of markets. Our goal is fulfilling the needs of all markets based in Turkey.

Our services in Turkey

Clients all over Europe who work with our ultra-low temperature technology are guaranteed of our optimal services. This means that, apart from offering the best products possible, we have local specialists to give clients the best advice and support. At this moment we are looking for new dealers and local specialists in Turkey to offer our clients the services that come with ilShin BioBase products.

Become a dealer in Turkey

ilShin BioBase operates in Europe, including Turkey. We are currently seeking dealers in Turkey to distribute our ULT products. In addition to distributing our ultra-low temperature products, you will be our local specialist for additional service in (parts of) Turkey. Our full range of products can be found in our catalogue.

Get in touch with us

ilShin BioBase already has multiple European partners, some of which being connected with our brand and products since 2002. Recently we published an article highlighting our partnership with Labrum, our exclusive distributor in Sweden. You can find the full article here. Are you interested in becoming one of our distributors for ultra-low temperature products and freeze dryers in Turkey? Feel free to contact us without any obligations.


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