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IoT remote monitoring service
Internet of things technology. 24/7 monitoring service by
manufacturer’s server as well as user’s smart phone.
Real time diagnosis and data keeping.

Proactive service
Process data can be monitored all the time by smart phone application.
Any incident shall be reported to authorized manager and service action can be instructed without visiting
installation site.

App. OS: Android 2.3 (Gingerbread or latter),
IOS 9.2 or latter

Command room data monitoring
- Temperature: sample, shelves, condenser, refrigeration system
- Pressure: vacuum, chamber
- Alarms: sensor failure, condenser overheat, over current, oil circulation failure, motor overheat, heater
malfunction, condenser temperature error, vacuum failure, heat media circulation problem
- General data: Process status including pre-freezing,

Control system
User friendly interface and 10”TFT touch screen provide convenient control and monitoring.
Also all events during process are recorded and recipe set up function allows easy processing with various conditions and materials.

Control function
- Operation status can be monitored by PC through RS/232(485) communication port.
- Data management by USB (Touch optional) Drying time record is stored.
  Vacuum pump usage time is recorded for timely maintenance.
- Parameter unit is convertible for user's convenience. (℃ ← → ℉, mTorr ← → mBar)
- Line voltage is displayed for protection of machine. (Low/high voltage).

Why LP MASTER software?
Stability and credibility are first priority for biological and pharmaceutical application offreeze drying. 
Therefore precise and reliable control and monitoring are very critical forsuccessful freeze drying process and 
such precise monitoring software must be required.Our authentic monitoring/control software is designed to comply with FDA guideline withflexibility to meet various changes. 
It also gives abundant libraries to meet satisfactorycompliance for user’s various requirements.

Software Library
- Process monitoring: Comprehensive data supply through entire drying process allows you to have optimal condition and best recipe.
- Recipe management: Automatic operation is available by selection of saved recipe that can be expanded further.
- Audit Trail : All data from system is traced and monitored.
- User Access: Only authorized user can manage operation, control and monitoring by security library access.
- SCADA System: Choice of data management and record nagement period are available.
- Vacuum Integrity test Library: Test on vacuum of chamber before drying process.
- Trend: Graphic data management of accumulated real time data (drying / SIP / CIP - Conductive).
- 21 CFR Part 11 compliance 

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