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Our Pilot scale freeze dryer series (LP-03 / LP10 / LP20 / LP30 models) are the optimal solution for scale up operation prior to industrial scale production. With various application and assessment of efficiency, the ilShin Biobase pilot scale Freeze-dryers helps users to find desirable conditions and parameters for perfect drying result.

Process Control
1. Freeze Drying Process
Loading → Primary Freezing → 1st Drying Process → 2nd Drying
Sublimation process
2. Manual Control
Make input of condition and parameter for the process from Freeze
to 1st/2nd Drying Process. Process is finished after checking completion
of drying.
3. Automatic Control
Select recipe. Parameters of Pre-Freeze ~1st/2nd Drying process are
automatically setup. Process is completed by P-rise test system
inside of chamber after whole process is finished.

Drying Chamber
1. Cooling speed: within 60 minutes from 20℃ to -40℃(1℃/min)
2. Shelf temperature uniformity: less than ±1.5℃
3. Vessel pressure standard: Qualified chamber under vacuum gauge
pressure lower than 5 x10-3 Torr

Cold Trap Chamber; Condenser
1. Cooling speed: within 30 minutes from 20℃ to -70℃
2. Defrosting System
Hot gas solenoid method. Fast defrosting by steam and hot water.
Removing ice less than 30 minutes.

Vacuum System
– Pull down time: Within 45 minutes from 760Torr to 100mTorr.
Lower than 20mTorr eventually.

• All in one type, available at small space
• Pilot scale condenser capacity: 10~30 liters/batch
• 0.6 ~ 2.0㎡ various shelf area and distance (standard: 60mm)
• Selectable shelf application (Bulk or Vial stoppering)
• Shelf temperature range (-45℃ to +80℃)
• Selectable condenser temperature (-80℃/-120℃)

IoT remote monitoring service
Internet of things technology. 24/7 monitoring service by manufacturer’s
server as well as user’s smart phone. Real time diagnosis
and data keeping.

Proactive service
Process data can be monitored all the time by smart phone application.
Any incident shall be reported to authorized manager and
service action can be instructed without visiting installation site.
*App. OS: Android 2.3 (Gingerbread or latter), IOS 9.2 or latter.

Command room data monitoring
– Temperature: sample, shelves, condenser, refrigeration system
– Pressure: vacuum, chamber
– Alarms: sensor failure, condenser overheat, over current, oil circulation
failure, motor overheat, heater malfunction,condenser temperature error, vacuum failure, heat media circulation problem
– General data: Process status including pre-freezing, vacuum status, 1st or 2nd drying process

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