-86ºC Freezers

Cutting edge technology

ilShinBioBase has been top leader and pioneer in Korean market in the field of ultra low temperature freezing technology. Nowadays, we are expanding to global market by exporting to over 100 countries around the world. Under active investment in R&D for innovation, we are introducing cutting edge technology of COSCOM to provide the safest ULT for bio-depository industry.

DUO-SAFE Security

State of the art security for your samples, the unique ilShin Biobase DUO-SAFE redundant refrigeration system in combination with the touch-screen control on eye level offers parameters at a glance; temperature graphs, alarm history, settings for both user and engineer and an unique storage management tool. View our DUO-SAFE Freezers below.

Energy efficient 

With the introduction of frequency controlled inverter compressors ilShin BioBase nowadays offer very low energy usage (below 10 kWh / 24h for all models).

100% natural refrigerants

ilShin BioBase Europes uses only natural refrigerants in the DUO-SAFE freezers with low GWP values to protect the environment for future generations.

Unbeatable temperature performance

With an avarage temperature stability of 0.75ºC, a temperature uniformity of 3.2ºC and Peak variation from setpoint of +0.2ºC / -3.5ºC we offer the most stable environment for valauble research samples.


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