Duo-Safe - 730 liter - DF8524P

Duo-Safe - 730 liter - DF8524P
  • Duo-Safe - 730 liter - DF8524P
  • Duo-Safe - 730 liter - DF8524P
  • Duo-Safe - 730 liter - DF8524P
  • Duo-Safe - 730 liter - DF8524P

The ilShin Biobase Europe DUO-SAFE -86ºC DF8524P freezers (730L) have a new design and offers the best available reliability and security for your samples. Two independent refrigeration systems working together to achieve an exceptionally stable temperature inside the DUO-SAFE freezers. In case of malfunction of one of the refrigeration systems (broken compressor or leakage in the refrigeration system for example) the other refrigeration system is able to keep the samples temperature at -80ºC until the broken refrigeration system is repaired again.

State of the art security for your samples, the unique ilShin Biobase DUO-SAFE redundant refrigeration system in combination with the touch-screen control on eye level offers parameters at a glance; temperature graphs, alarm history, settings for both user and engineer and an unique storage management tool to provide information about the position of your samples inside the DUO-SAFE freezer!

An USB port is easy accessible below the touch screen to download temperature history in .CSV format. The ilShin Biobase DUO-SAFE freezers offers a free of charge internet connection service; just plug in a LAN cable and you are able to see all important freezer information on your Smart-phone (this Smart-phone is available for IOS and Android and the usage is free of charge).

Besides the Smart-phone App there are more advantages of connection your DUO-SAFE freezer to the internet; it is now connected to the Manufacturer’s central monitoring server which gives 24/7 real time monitoring by IoT technology. In case of any event, the server gives notices to user and designated service team of your DUO-SAFE freezer supplier.

The following parameters are monitored:

  1. Temperature: Chamber temperature of the freezer
  2. Trend information: Temperature variation for last 24 hours
  3. Alarm event: Compressor over temperature, compressor over current, system overheat, temperature sensor failure, power off, low voltage, cold alarm, warm alarm and door open alarm.

The DUO-SAFE freezers are equiped with an storage information system build in the touch-screen. With this system it is possible to give every single cryobox inside the freezer it’s own name or number (including an automatic date and time label when it is entered).

External dimensions: 1170 x 957 x 1970 (WxDxH in mm)
Internal dimensions: 889 x 643 x 1288 (WxDxH in mm)
Capacity: 730 l

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